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Glencroft at Home by Americare

We endeavor to help keep your loved ones healthy

If you or your loved one needs a little extra help to live independently, Glencroft at Home by Americare is the right choice. Our in-home care focuses on helping with tasks older adults perform each day to stay healthy and engaged with life. We understand how important it is to remain independent at home for as long as possible.

Our team of professionals help sustain and maintain your quality of life. Glencroft at Home by Americare, will help provide the best opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

Care needs are different for everyone

We tailor our services to your unique situation. We are here for you. Who better to call on than Glencroft at Home by Americare? Our 45 year old continuum of care campus delivers exceptional care and peace of mind to our residents and their families. Our personal care services are available 7 days a week.

The place that we call home is the place we are most comfortable. It’s familiar and secure, especially as we age. Let us help keep you at home. Please call Glencroft at Home by Americare to set-up an appointment. 623-847-3086

Services Offered

  • Bathing Assistance: Support with tub, shower, or sponge bath
  • Evening Care: Preparing a meal, assisting with clothing change for bed, assisting with personal oral hygiene and selecting clothes for the next day
  • Meal Escort: Assistance getting to and from the dining room
  • Medication Management: Weekly or bi-weekly setting up of medications
  • Medication Reminder: Two-three times a day verbal reminder and observation
  • Morning Care: Assisting resident out of bed, preparing breakfast, personal care; oral hygiene, shaving and combing hair
  • Outside Escort: Escort to and from appointments, errands, etc.
  • Personal Laundry: Once a week; wash, dry and put away
  • Respite Care: 4 hour minimum
  • Wellness Check: For those residents whose families would like reassurance that their family member is safe

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